Public Meeting: Stop Zionist-Imperialist Genocide against the Palestinian Oppressed!

Colombo Action Committee & theSocialist.LK

The Colombo Action Committee (CAC) and theSocialist.LK will hold a public meeting on November 19, at 19:15 hrs [Sri Lanka Time] to call upon and mobilize the working class in Sri Lanka, in Israel and around the world to immediately stop the imperialist-backed Israeli carnage of the oppressed Palestinian people in Gaza and in the West Bank.

With the full backing of the Joe Biden administration and other imperialist powers, Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has unleashed the most barbaric slaughter of innocent children, women and men, that reminds the world of the crimes of the Nazi Holocaust. Close to 10,000 civilians have been killed, out of which more than 4000 are children.  Thousands are trapped under the rubble of residential buildings, refugee camps and hospitals that have been bombarded continuously for four weeks since October 07. More than 25000 tons of explosives have been dropped on the highly populated Gaza Strip, which equals to almost double the power of the atomic bomb laid on Hiroshima at the end of the World War II by the United States (US). Zionist regime is aiming at total annihilation.

A full scale genocide is being carried out before the eyes of the working class around the world, who have come forward to stand forcefully againt Israel and the US-NATO axis that support it.  In spite of police repression and despite false propaganda, millions of people have been rallying in US, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malysia and around the world to denounce the genocide and demand an immediate ceasefire, which was approved by 120 countries of the United Nations. Netnayahu has rejected any halt to the bombardment. The US has confirmed that there are no “red lines” for Israel’s actions “to defend itself”.

This genocide should be stopped and only the working class can do that. No appeal to the US-NATO states or impotent UN would end Zionist plans of ethnic cleansing. Working class has come to the fight, but they need to be armed with a revolutionary political programme and leadership, which only the  International Committee of the Fourth International and the World Socialist Website provide: “The war is a war on the working class, and it is the working class that must lead the fight against it.”

The CAC and theSocialist.LK stand with the perspectives presented by the ICFI. 

Ending this genocide means not only a fight against Netanyahu government, but also against  American imperialism, the US-NATO axis, and the national governments around the world that are part of this alliance. 

Sri Lanka’s Ranil Wickremasinghe government has sided with Israel, demonstrating its allegiance to imperialism on the one hand, and its fear of growing mass working class struggles at home against its oppressive austerity policies. Wickremasinghe, like India’s Modi, knows very well that the Hamas attack represented a genuine mass revolt against longtime oppression. 

The online meeting will discuss the political programme to end the genocide, along with historical and political foundations of the Zionist oppression against the Palestinian people.

We invite workers, students, youth, intellectuals and those who stand with the  Palestinian people to join the meeting.

Zoom ID: 890 4844 1531

Passcode: 057521


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