Stop Israeli genocide!

By David North

Israel has already dropped more bombs on Gaza in six days than the U.S. dropped on Afghanistan in a single year. Israeli military ordered over one million Palestinian civilians to flee their homes. They are dehydrating and starving. This is genocide and ethnic cleansing. Image courtesy X

The following statement appeared originally on X/Twitter.

A crime of monumental dimensions, comparable to those committed by the Nazis, is now unfolding before the eyes of the world. More than two million people are being deliberately subjected to starvation and dehydration.

The international working class must come to the defense of Gaza and demand the following:

1) The US and European governments must be compelled to end their support for and complicity in the Gaza genocide!

2) Food, water, electricity, medical care and all other necessities must be made available immediately!

3) The siege must be lifted!

4) All military attacks must stop!

5) The Israeli IDF must be forced to demobilize at once and withdraw all its forces from the border with Gaza!

[This statement was published originally by WSWS here today]

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